DST Software

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Click to download expiration update Software

Instructions to install ATMS2000 and/or  update expiration.  If you are installing for the 1st time you will need both downloads.

If ATMS2000 is already installed on your computer,  skip to step 3.

1.Download and extract the software file to Your computer. (Windows 10 will tag the file as malicious, click keep when prompted.)

2. Note where you extract the file to.   Double click the extracted file “ATMS2k-Ofc-Full-U-20171119exp-TTID.exe” to begin the installation.  Follow the installation instructions on your screen.

3. Download the expiration update file and extract to “Weatherford Test Analysis\ATMS 2000 Office” folder.  when prompted “Replace the existing file”.

4. On new installs you will be asked to complete the Units Setup.  Click for unit information Units Setup

when finished click Apply.   Your software is ready to use.

To open a dtz file, make sure you have saved the file to your computer, go into the ATMS software, select “File”, select “Load an Existing Job”, change “Look in:” to the folder where you saved the file, select the file, click “Open”.