Each truck is equipped with

  • Sterling tools: All have the same OD for ease of making up or breaking down. Tools are hard banded to safely set in slips.
  • Centrifuges: Accurately obtain percentages of fluids.
  • RW Meters: Measure salinity to determine if water is filtrate or formation.
  • Hydrometers: Measure gravity of oil.
  • Surface equipment:Checks to 2500# for safety during large volume tests.
  • Electronic Memory Recorder: Designed for extreme precision and reliability in harsh downhole environments. Pressure range: 5000psi.
  • Electronic Micro Gauge (WMG-PR): Incorporates the latest sensor technology to improve transient response through continuous compensation of temperature. Pressure range: 5000psi.
  • Laptop computers: The data can be downloaded and viewed immediately. The data can also be sent via modem to our Hays office and then sent on to the Operating company via e-mail or fax.
  • ATMS2000 software: View and manipulate data gathered on the DST. Produces Horner plots and derivative curves.